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The Electric Upright


:: the only one with "Active Top"! ::

CETVS beta

The beta model introduces some innovations into EUB construction.


:: reduced weight ::

Many musicians don't need the outline of the classical upright bass but prefer a light and small instrument.
Using Schaller ultralight tuners the weight of this instrument is reduced to 3,5 kg (vs. 5 kg of the alpha)
:: the neck ::

Bassists that are used to refer to the end of the neck for the 5th position often find it difficult to switch to a EUB, which often have longer necks. The CETVS beta has a longer neck, too. One of the innovations on the CETVS beta is the thumb-gap on the back of the neck that allows you to easily find the 5th position on this instrument.

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"lightweight - full tone"

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