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In this page I've collected some links I retain interesting for musicians and luthiers:

instruments and lutherie

site description URL
Hugh website about the history of e-violins with many documents. www.digitalviolin.com/
Site about the famous Stroh-violins www.strohviolin-shop.com
Experimental musical instruments - Curiosity and materials www.windworld.com
Very interesting information on musical instrument making www.liutaiomottola.com
The fantastic site of Stefano Aria on Italian guitars of the 60's www.fetishguitars.com
Magnetic pick-ups for bowed instruments. www.uli-boesking.de/rebo/

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double bass

site description URL
Bob Gollihur's Doublebass Link Page - more than 900 links on electric upright and double basses. www.urbbob.com
Rob Anzellotti - builds finest machines for c-extensions www.basscapos.com
Electric Upright Bass Database - only EUB's www.dvoi.com/proj/eubdb
TalkBass.com - Forum on double basses www.talkbass.com

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luthier friends

site description URL
Ivo Iuliano - viole da gamba and other Renaissance instruments www.ivoiuliano.it
Sebastian Ribes, Marianne Jost - modern classical instruments. www.ribesjostviolin.com
Daniele Chiesa - classical guitars of fine spanish tradition. A site with interesting information on tools and "how-to"... www.danielechiesa.com
Cloeguitars - Daniele Cardoni and Luca Cesaroni, electric guitars and basses of fine craftsmanship. www.cloeguitars.it

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site description URL
Marcello Sebastiani - double bassist. Many collaborations with renowned italian and international artists. www.marcellosebastiani.com
Mauro DeFedericis - guitarplayer. Many collaborations with renowned italian and international artists. www.maurodefedericis.com
Goran Kuzminac - singer-songwriter. Very hughe website that reflects the variety of this extraordinary artist. www.gorankuzminac.it

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site description URL
The Musicstore - shop of musical instruments I collaborate with. Onlinestore! www.themusicstore.it

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site description URL
Accordo.it - The Italian Guitar community. www.accordo.it
The Fiddleforum - fiddle and alternative strings. The most active collection of fiddle players, violinists , violists and cellists on the internet. (inglese) www.fiddleforum.com
The MIMF-forum - Musical Instrument Makers Forum. www.mimf.com

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site description URL
"Green Hills in Blues" - Festival Blues in Atri, last weekend of July www.ghblues.it
Festival "Duchi d'Acquaviva" - masterclasses and concerts from 16th of August to 8th of Sept. www.amicidellamusica2000.it
European competition "Duchi d'Acquaviva" - categories: singing (Premio "Lina Paliughi"), pianoforte and chamber music www.amicidellamusica2000.it

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