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The Electric Upright


:: the only one with "Active Top"! ::

The CETVS-EUB was born from a collaboration with some double bassists and three years spent on development. The result is an instrument of a surprisingly natural sound and a clear and sober design. It perfectly respects all standard double bass measurements.
One of the innovative aspects of this instrument is the "Active Top". This method of construction makes the CETVS EUB sound like a real double bass!


:: sound ::

Many of the musicians that had played other EUBs tell me that they often sound more like a fretless-bass than a double bass. That's because they have solid bodies. This becomes clearer when we look at the bridge: the bridge stays on a solid base that does not allow bigger movements. It is easy to understand that small vibrations produce higher frequencies and big vibrations produce lower frequencies. The sound of a solidbody instrument will have all the bright overtones but not the big bassy sound that's so typical for double basses.

CETVS shows how it's possible to make an instrument with reduced dimensions but the BIG sound of a double bass!

:: Active Top ::

The "Active Top" (patented) gives to the bridge more space to vibrate. It consists in this two cuts in the side of the instrument (photo above) and enables the instrument top to transmit that range of frequencies (overtones) that make the difference between a fretless bass guitar and a double bass.


:: The two models ::


<:CETVS alpha :<

Instrument with detachable shoulders that respects the standard proportions of the classical upright bass.

<<

>: CETVS beta :>

With 3,5 kg the lightest instrument available!
Overall lenght 136 cm makes it the best choice for travellers.

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