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The models

There are two models based on the CETVS violin:
a "head-less" version that uses tuning machines of the electric guitar located in the lower part of the instrument

a whale tail instead of the scroll with normal tuning pegs
The CETVS electric violin was born in 1995 with the realization of the prototype as the grunge model.
This was the original drawing! From the first orders on customers preferred the classic model. The grunge model is somewhat heavier because of the metal tuning machines but thanks to their position near the shoulder of the player they don't add weight to the neck of the instrument and the grunge model plays quite comfortable.

The grunge model is not part of our standard productline anymore but as I still like this shape very much I continue to build it as a custom model.

The CETVS electric violin is available in 4 or 5 string versions.

The colors:

The violins of the CETVS line are available in various colorations such as green or blu tones or more classical brownish amber tones. We preferrably use transparent colors not to cover the wood structure. You can see some of them in the photogallery >>.

The custom models:

Either for my own satisfaction or on customers request I realized some custom designed instruments. On the violin the scroll is that part without a strictly technical purpose so it's free to be designed as the artist likes.
A major price will be charged for custom instruments.

<< see some custom instruments in the photogallery

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