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The CETVS violin

The concept:

The conception of the CETVS violin is very similar to that of a Jazz-guitar (semiacoustic). In fact this electric violin has a chambered body and (what is even more important) a spruce top that allows the bridge to vibrate nearly naturally. Nearly all electric violins in commerce are built with solid bodies but the sound they produce is rather sterile and neutral with lack of overtones and has little to do with the sound of a real violin!

It is that difference in construction which makes the unique sound of a CETVS electric violin.

The sound of the CETVS electric violin is really natural with round basses and brilliant high frequencies.
It has a piezo pick up integrated in the bridge. In addition to that piezo you can choose a magnetic pick up which mounts at the end of the fingerboard without modifications on the instrument itself. A good choice for a magnetic pick up for violin is Rebo. More than anything else, it is the combination of the two different transducers in an external preamplifier which opens a variety of sounds which were up until now impossible on the violin. This is how violinists of all different styles can express their own individual and unmistakeable sound!

The instrument is available in 4 or 5 string version.

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