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CETVS - the brand name

- How it is pronounced?

People often ask me how to pronounce this word with three consonants in a row. The Romans did not know the "U" and they wrote the "V" instead. Even now in Italian administration the "V" is mostly written in place of the "U". On the cover of the Italian ID-card there is written "REPVBBLICA ITALIANA"!

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- What does it mean?

CETVS is a latin word and means "whale". More exactly it describes the stellar constellation of "the whale".

When I was working on the first electric violin of the CETVS series for a customer who asked me to make a whale tail instead of the scroll I got the idea of calling the product line with this name. The fact that I chose a latin term written in the old Roman way is for me an expression of the philosophy that stands behind the entire CETVS-line i.e. to strictly observe all classical traditions in electric violinmaking.
CETVS is a registered trademark (n. 862893)

The constellation "The Whale"

The constelation of "the whale" is relatively unknown and visible in the winter period just below pisces. The most known object is Mira a variable star that is exemplary of a variable star.

Incredible... ;-)

costellazione cetus

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