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The Electric Upright


:: the only one with "Active Top"! ::

CETVS alpha


One problem on which I've paid particular attention during developments was how to recreate the "double bass feeling" by rebuilding the parts of the outline the player is used to touching when playing on a traditional double bass. Many bass players I talked to told me that these points of contact are necessary for a good handling. On the treble side I added that part of the top referred to when playing in high positions. The other one is the large shoulder and back held against the body.

dettaglio EUB

:: comfort ::

The two shoulders are detachable, lightweight but sturdy. The weight of the whole instrument is about 5kg. Both shoulders are fixed firmly onto the body with two Allen screws each and can be assembled and removed quickly. Special Alen wrench included.

The instrument mounts on a sturdy tripod that allows regulation to any desired position.

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