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Guitars and basses

I was trained in Cremona in classical violinmaking for eight years. When I moved to Abruzzo some of my guitarist friends encouraged me to work with guitars and basses. This meant I had to learn a completely new set of working procedures specific to fretted instruments.
I mainly work on repairs and setups of every kind or make of guitars and basses and less on construction of new instruments. In the photo here on the right you can see one of the (very) few guitars entirely built by me.

The native country of "modern Lutherie" is the United States. Since nearly nothing is published in Italian and very little in German I studied on American books.
resophonic guitar 10/2005

To guarantee the best results in fretted instrument repair works, we use the most advanced methods in our workshop. For example we work with diamond coated tools and use a minicam and a monitor for those inaccessible areas inside the instrument in order to inspect and/or perform very delicate jobs inside hollow bodies.

inspection cam in action
Some of the recent jobs done in our workshop:

- The "usual" broken headstock:

broken headstock

- Old Framus with the neck broken at body joint:

old Framus

- Gluing loose braces with aid of the minicam:


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