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The CETVS product line

At the moment the CETVS product line consists of violin/viola and electric upright bass and is the result of meticolous meditation and more than ten years of experience in building electric bowed instruments.
"Electric" may not be the right word to describe the quality of CETVS instruments. They ARE electric since they are equipped with a pickup and/or piezo transducer to be amplified but they differ from nearly all others in commerce in their semiacoustic construction.
Both the violin as well as the EUB have a hollow body with spruce top that allows the bridge to vibrate in a quasi natural way. The result is a very natural but electronically shapeable sound with clear trebles and good bodied basses.
According to the old tradition of Violinmaking I realize all my instruments with those kinds of wood that have been used since ancient times such as spruce from the "Val di Fiemme" and European maple using the techniques of "fine violinmaking". Obviously all the electroacoustic instruments of the CETVS-line respect every standard measurement such as body dimensions, neck and string length.
I also learned in Cremona to do a continous research on sound.
These are the values that characterize the instruments of the CETVS-line.

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Currently the CETVS-line consists of Violin/Viola and electric ubright bass (EUB). I'm actually working on a project for a Cello. The Cello is probably the most difficult instrument to build because one has to create adequate supports for chest and knee that the musician needs for a comfortable playing position without losing the advantages of electric instruments that are more compact than classical ones. So it's not easy to find an "elegant" solution for this.
The musician is used to feeling his instrument in a certain way and we have to create an instrument of reduced dimensions but the same feel. In fact I pay maximum attention on recreating the same feel that classics have also on electrics.

On the violin it was relatively
easy: I cut off all that
parts that aren't needed.

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violino CETVS

:: The EUB ::

Now there are two different models available: alpha and beta.

The alpha is the complete instrument with shoulders for musicians who need the outline of the classical upright.
The beta is much lighter and smaller than the alpha but has the same full-bodied sound!

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